Croatia Becomes First Free Reading Zone Country in the World

15.12.2016., Thursday

Author: Hrvoje Brigljević

First Zagreb’s Velvet Cafe became the world’s first Free Reading Zone (FREZ) cafe – allowing guests to read books from all around the world without any restrictions or interruptions.

Now there is new exciting news - Croatia has become the first country in the world that is an entirely Free Reading Zone.
People can now log in to the virtual library from anywhere inside Croatia’s borders and access more than top 100,000 books in a number of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Croatian for free. That means no membership cards or any special codes, just your phone or tablet you are good to go!

So how can I emerge in this plethora of books around the world, you ask yourself? Well, all that is required from you to do is to download the free app "Croatia Reeds" to your Android or iOS phone or tablet, sign up and read as many books for as long time anywhere in Croatia - in your favorite coffee shop, at the beach, in the car...



Free Reading Zones project was first introduced in early autumn as the Velvet Café in Zagreb became the first free reading zone in Croatia, becoming somewhat of a pilot for the project. Now, with the launch of the application, the whole Croatia has become a free library, rich with international bestsellers and academic books, has become available to all people within a state.

The power of the book is truly in the hands of the readers, and today they have started their new story in Croatia. Happy reading everybody!

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